Basement Remodel

This remodel was inspired by a Houzz picture I saw a few weeks ago. We have a basement with great spaces, but it was never fully developed by the previous owners. When we moved in, it was underutilized because it wasn't warm or inviting. Step one of our basement remodel project involved putting in a comfortable, family room living space that was comfy enough for the kids to watch movies and play video games, but also manly enough to have in a man-cave worthy basement when the guys come over to watch the game. I used Eldorado Stacked Stone for the walls (Chapel Hill was the stone name), and the custom looking book shelves are from IKEA. I just built around everything to give it a custom look. This only cost us about $1500 - including the stone, shelves, entertainment center, lights, etc. The TV is not include in that price. ;-)