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Katie Jones
This inspires me
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House Proud

Thanks for the great article on Earth Day! We are spoiled, we all run to the grocery store for all our food and prepared meals. Some people say, " all this gardening seems so complicated, especially the watering." Really , the hardest part is the watering! I hear this all the time, it amazes me how spoiled and lazy people have become. Only when food is scarce, too expensive or full of toxins will people wake-up and start growing, at least, a small percentage of their food each year. Oh ya, food is getting more expensive, it is already full of toxins and it is getting scarcer every year for millions of people around the world, so what are you waiting for? start watering before that runs out too!

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Love this article, minus one thing: the Irish are very, very poor, and exporting peat moss is one of the few ways they have of feeding their families. Because of that, I will continue to purchase it.


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