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I like the flexibility of solar lights, which come in a wide assortment of colours and shapes so that you can really work with them in matching your theme. The problem is that they are also lit up when you are not using the outdoor space for entertaining. They destroy the visibility of the views, which is why many people live in rural settings, to be part of the natural surroundings they are stewards of. In this case the stars, planets. They also play havoc with birds, insects etc, of which we are losing too many each year to extinction due to our invading all spaces. We want to live in 'natural' settings, then want to bring all city emminities with us. In my area we have been fortunate to constantly vote down street lights, which would ruin our enjoyment of the natural darkness. However new people moved to the area 2 yrs ago & they think Christmas lights and lots of ugly wires and blowup plastic things all over their yards should be out from Nov to May and 24/7. They don't seem to notice that that is not the tone of the community which they chose to move to.

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Seoane Landscape Design

That is some beautiful and magical lighting!

We're located in Massachusetts and lighting helps us to extend the use of our landscapes into the dark of night while also allowing the opportunity to highlight points that might not be focused on during daylight.

Here are some pictures from one of our projects:

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carol beachlady

Wonderful ideas - ! However, many of us have overly-bright street lighting installed by our municipalities, and neighbors who believe that more light is better - with high-wattage flood lights. These lights shine directly onto our properties making it impossible to enjoy our gardens after dark. More education on "dark sky" lighting is needed by our neighbors and our city planners - ! Perhaps future HOUZZ articles can address "dark sky lighting" - !


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