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I liked grey ten or twelve years ago when I lived in a hot climate and before it became ubiquitous. Now I live in Ohio and the winters are long, cold and grey, and I hate grey walls and/or floors, preferring a warmer interior.

I particularly hate grey walls that are combined with warm/yellow toned wood floors, which clashes terribly and looks completely awful. (Same with yellow or warm toned wood trim or kitchen cabinets and grey walls.) Especially when it's a cool grey.

Sometimes I think a large percentage of the population are color blind. Or at least color-challenged and can't distinguish undertones.

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My coworker was trying to decide what color to paint her new apartment. We went through all the colors & I thought she decided on the light lavender for her bedroom. Next day she told me she was "afraid so I went with beige" and for the living room?? Gray! These aren't colors, these are what people use when they can't make up their minds and are too afraid to live with a little color. Now you can buy small samples and try the paint & see how it looks on all walls & in all light. Back in my day you had to buy the pint sized cans and hope you chose wisely or you end up with a kitchen that looks like Pepto-Bismal exploded in it. I managed to live with it for a few years. LOL.

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Bridget Sexton

Gray is so over-used! Beige is a better neutral, although a burst of colour is so much better!


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