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Dura Supreme Cabinetry

You're welcome.

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I have been seeing Lexan, which I think is a polycarbonate, being used on some DIY sites. Our glass panels are small and are at the very top of cabinets in a kitchen with 9 foot ceilings, so no one would look closely at them! Would that work for our kitchen? Does anyone know if it would shine/reflect like real glass? Having a hard time finding a place to make real glass to fit around here.

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I know this is an older thread :) but it's still relevant for making glass decisions.

I have 2 30xW42H doubled doored cabinets with Nouveau glass on one side of my kitchen. I also have a 40Wx39H Nouveau double glass doored cabinet on the opposite side of the room. On the same side as the 39W, the upper stacked 14"H cabinets on that wall 3 cabinets each with double doors will be light and glass. My question is, can I do the upper 14" cabinets in plain clear glass Here are a couple pictures of where we are so far. I still have to paint the upper door frame, so disregard that :)

Nouveau glass · More Info

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