Redesign & renovation for a Duplex 3-story house in Chandigarh

Aman Bhatnagar
6 months ago

Dear all,

My family is looking to redesign and renovate our 5 BHK duplex house (each floor is about 1500-2000 Sq ft in built up area; extension possible) in Chandigarh which is currently split into following use cases:

Ground floor - large hall, kitchen, bedroom and bath - currently being used as an office - need to rethink as the primary living space
First floor - 1 bedroom, 1 living room, large balcony, dining, kitchen and 2 bathrooms - need to rethink as having 3 bedrooms and associated baths - with kitchen shifted to ground
Second floor - currently 2 bedrooms, larger balcony, bath and store - need to rethink as a modular home office (shifted from ground) for 5-6 people with separate entrance (which may be dismantled / done away with in 5 years)

Main residents are my sister, mom and dad - with frequent visitors being my family (wife, kid) and grandparents (2) who all need separate rooms and storage.

Time frame for beginning work will only be post the pandemic situation normalizes; till then ok to have video calls, design conversations and finalization of designer / architect and quotes.

Request interested parties to drop me an email at with a few glimpses of before / after portfolio snapshots - and also whether you'll be able to address the work with the location being in Chandigarh.

Can revert on mail with more details on exact floor plan, dimensions and existing house photos. Designer / architect will have full creative control - but we expect a thorough understanding of how the space is being used today to make it more liveable from a future perspective as well (mobility, senior citizens, importance of natural light).

Budget is flexible. We expect this to be an effort which lasts us for a good 10-15 years.

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  • Gagan Kumar
    4 months ago

    I'm joking

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