Plz tell me pros & cons of foldable dining table & conventional ones.


Which one do you prefer especially considering I can only opt for maximum 4 seats?

Foldable Dining Table
Conventional Dining Table

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  • PRO
    Ocean Arc
    4 years ago
    Folding space save
    conventional not save space.But more comfort
  • PRO
    Ar Teeksha Gupta
    4 years ago
    if you have space constraints go for foldable if there is proper dining space in your house conventional is better
  • PRO
    Ravi Prakash Architect
    4 years ago

    Hi, Obviously folding is space saving which works well in two situations, when you have a small space and when you don't have much guests at house. I think if designed well and customized than than folding can be as comfortable as the conventional.