i am thinking of renovating my kitchen.

23 May 2018

My kitchen is small in size (12 feet * 10 feet). It has a window above the gas stove (east), with L shaped arrangement towards my right. Please suggest me suitable and compact design to comfortably used the kitchen.

Thanks !

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  • Wini A
    What style are you having in mind? There is clearly a shortage of space so you will need more shelfs. Do you intend to install canopy hood for cooking?
  • PRO
    Dev interiors
    make More floting cabinets for storage and intal some utensil organizer on your window bar to make.a smart use of space
  • madhuris

    Thanks to both for reply. Basically, I am looking to modernize it.

    So Canopy hood, dishwasher would be addition.

    As well need proper space for the crockery, microwave and mixer.

    Do not want to change basin place though, but can think of it if any good design comes across.

    As well please suggest the color combination. I like red color, but how it would go?

    As well want to place one small table with 3-4 chairs.

  • PRO
    Deepa Raj


    You can check this video out for design inspiration. And here you will also find a kitchen design in red, with a combination of two different types of cabinets.

    Hope this helps!

  • sarah m
    1. Change backsplash tiles.
    2. Go for floating shelves
    3. Go with a combination of white and red cabinet below countertop..and keep the cabinets above white.
    4. you can place your oven where you are storing your onions right now..keep onions in a steel trolley with wheels.
  • PRO
    Rupal shah

    Hello Madhuris, don't take guidelines as this way you will get confused. Consult somebody for proper planning of the kitchen with specified placements. Your kitchen is 120 sqft which isn't small if things are properly planned.

  • PRO
    Housepro Design Studio

    This is sample Design We have a lots of designs than this. Contact with us. 7906650301

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    WDF space design, Interior Design Business

    please have a look... here..

  • PRO
    WDF space design, Interior Design Business

    where do u stay... if ur really interested in changing ur kitchen in a spacious manner.. pls consult us for the same.. i will make more use of space with necessary electronics gadgets to be placed along with other necessary food items... Because whatever is the square feet we get in kitchen.. the fridge space and the sink space is dead to use, sink below space will be used for storing dustbin and fennel bottles,etc to store.. etc..

    and if u dont have space for washing machine then that also will be used in kitchen if there is no space anywhere.. so basically make a list of ur requirement for anyone to work on it, so that they will give their best ideas on it..

  • PRO
    WDF space design, Interior Design Business

    also let us know where is the fridge and washing machine space in ur house

  • PRO
    WDF space design, Interior Design Business

    overall outer photo from the living room towards kitchen door

    and a small sketch of measurement of kitchen.. i hope u can draw that along with measurement. .right.. revert us back

  • Devalina Sen

    You should never put a stove with flames in front of a window. One gust of wind from the window and the person who is cooking will be on fire. Most western kitchen codes do not allow this. Please keep this in mind when you remodel.

  • Wini A
    Give it a U shaped kitchen look, this will give more storage options and decluttering
  • Anu Ramachandran

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  • Hannah Jhonson

    Recently I have renovated my home and kitchen with the help of Renovation NYC. You may check this site.

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India

    Hannah, Just FYI, this query is for a different country.