Small Living Room layout dilemma

6 years ago


I'm split between two different layouts for my small living room (10ft x 18 ft). Request your advise.

Option 1: Sofa in front of door with dining area near window. One drawback is misaligned TV Unit. I tried keeping TV Unit near the entry door, but it looks awkward. Another drawback is that i'm not sure if sitting area could be done in front of door.

Option 2: 3 seater Sofa near window with TV Unit in opposite. Dining Area in front of the door. Aesthetically and from logical separation point of view, I thought this layout is better. My heart wants to go with this option, but one big drawback is the guests have to walk thru entire room to be seated. Plus, the sitting area has direct view of the kitchen and entire home, which we would really want to avoid.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.


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