Need help with floor plan enhancements

11 years ago
We have booked a villa with a builder where 50 odd houses would be part of a gated community. The elevation is not to be changed but we are free to make changes to the floor plan on the inside without changing the pillar positions. I seek ideas for the following things on my wish list to be accommodated
1. A high ceiling in the ground floor either above living or dining while not compromising the number of rooms on 1st floor.
2. Alternate ideas for staircase that can be more compact.
3. A walk in closet on 1st floor instead of two bathrooms. Can i just convert one of the bathrooms to a walk-in? Will that be decent enough space for walk-in?
4. Any other suggestions on kids room etc.

Attaching pictures of floor plan from builder.
Appreciate your inputs!


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