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Lynn Anne Miller

It was fun to see a comment today about a post concerning my slope from April 2016 - first picture above. With helpful advice from Benjamin Vogt, Pat Spray and Dellavale, I was encouraged by them to "plant plants" to help with erosion. I've lost many plants in the center section - partly by deer and partly condition. The second picture was taken July 2018. And, Capeanner, I have no basement; and, there is a bit of a distance between the slope and back of my house. Lots of work for this summer - if, in fact, it ever stops snowing here in SD.

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Boss Design Center

Whenever I take on a landscaping project, I encourage my clients to choose native plants, as they are usually very good for the soil, and require less maintenance. This translates to fewer costs for the client as well as less time spent trying to maintain the garden.

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Glad to hear that you suggest native plants Boss Design. I hope that goes for native trees and shrubs too. The Audubon Society says we have 40% fewer songbirds because of loss of habitat among other things.

There are so many helpful quotations(like from Douglas Tallamy, Benjamin Vogt or the Audubon Society that make the important points about why WE need to plant natives. Insects don’t recognize Asian or European plants so no eggs on them...


Out tidy tidy gardens where fallen leaves are carried away in bags etc etc create inhospitable environments for birds, insects and wildlife. You know and professionals like you can do a lot to educate people. Many of you are working to promote design that includes natives. Horray!


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