Plan for duplex

6 years ago
I have a 30ftX50ft east facing plot, 30ft facing road. Leaving 5ft on east,3ft on North,3ft on west and 2ft on south the house can be constructed. Ground floor individual plan with around 800sft living space and independent with a single master bed room in south/west corner,kitchen on south/east corner, hall on north/east corner.
Take stairs from south/east end of plot and go to first floor , leaving a balcony of 4 ft in front and a balcony of 2 ft in rear, plan single bed room,kitchen in south/east corner and master(only)bedroom on south west, stairs to 2nd floor to south wall and a hall in east/north, totally 1st floor with 1000sft. Second floor two bed room, hall, and can be 800 sft in all with 10 ft balcony in front and 2 ft balcony in rear.
I need a plan pl.

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