Evergreen Food and Wine Lover's Dream

Growing her own grapes to make wine, store it properly and prepare gourmet tasting meals in her own home was this professional chef’s dream. If that could happen while enjoying our lovely San Jose weather-all the better. An outside cooking, entertaining area with wine storage underneath was the perfect solution.
A wine cellar was dug out of the land behind the house and a new deck was framed at the door level height, allowing for wine storage below. The deck included a new outdoor kitchen with a granite bar top. The design incorporated curves to match the houses arches throughout (see in the windows) the existing house. Curved stucco, to match the existing house, makes this area look like it was always there.
Concrete steps and sidewalks colored to match the existing with new lighting (special inset lighting at the steps) and a sun shade for hot days make this area useable all the time.
The wine cellar has proper ventilation and thermometers to ensure that the home-made wine will stay fresh and age appropriately. The owner has her outdoor space to enjoy her home and spoil her guests.