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Bonito Designs
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars29 December 2013
“Hi, I am here to review the interiors done in our brand new apartment by Bonito.. at the outset, I must mention our point of view and suggestions were considered during every step of the interior decoration - right from design and preliminary discussions until post-execution. These guys were sincere in approach and very keen in delivering what they promised. They have tailor-made services suiting a customer's needs, taste and most importantly, the budget. True value for every penny!”
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars4 September 2015
“Impressive: 1. Maximum authenticity in materials. Each conversation & payment documented through mail and papers. 2. Good knowledge in designing. 3. New ideas to make the complete project cost effective. 4. Customer centric attitude and good behavior pre & post sales. Scope of improvement: 1. Can be more synchronized with workers during execution. 2. Should be followed a documented check list while going through final touch up. So, it make customer more hassle free. 3. Area of work should be increased to cover complete interior (all tiles, granite, electrical, paint etc etc). So, it makes customer more hassle free and fulfill the purpose of hiring any ID.”
GJ Studio
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars16 March 2015
“One of the things that had set apart Geeta's work for us, when we were looking for someone to do the interiors of our house a few years ago, was its understated elegance. Geeta has a great sense of style and aesthetics and one of her biggest strengths is her ability to conceptualise what may just be a rough idea in your head into great design. She worked in a very iterative manner with us, making suggestions and coming up with modifications till she was convinced the design and appeal were exactly what we were looking for. We realised after a few iterations that we had hit perfect understanding in terms of sensibilities and had developed a strong sense of trust in her judgement so we let her take over and our house as a result has little touches all over that she added on her own and that we absolutely love. Geeta takes a lot of pride in her work and isn't one to give up easily when dealing with issues and difficult customers :) There were occasions when we made very complicated requests and she was concerned about the feasibility of their execution and yet went out of her way to bring on outside help through her own personal networks so we could get the exact customized design/look that we had in mind. Geeta works with a fabulous team of artisans who not only know their work very well but also understand her sense of styling thoroughly. Mukesh, her head carpenter, is a very talented worker and has the ability to create woodwork of very solid quality with an assured style that displays both his own experience as an artisan as well as his long collaboration with Geeta. We really enjoyed working with Geeta and what started as a professional relationship has over the years grown into a very warm friendship and we think of her each time someone walks into our house and remarks on the lovely open kitchen we have. Vipula & Nikhil”
Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd.
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars6 September 2017
“very professional work from design to possession. Even post possession support is marvelous. During design phase, customization done after understanding requirement actually adds a lot of value.”
De Panache
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars30 March 2021
“The quality of the furniture and modular kitchen is superb and comments from our members and visitors all positive. The delivery was very quick and workers are very helpful and professional.”
Inner Space
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars8 July 2015
“We (my wife and I) hired Inner Space for the interior design of our apartment in Bangalore. The project took close to six months, during which time we had the opportunity to deal with Aanchal and Yogesh very closely - with Aanchal during the early conceptual design phase, and with Yogesh during the execution phase. First, the easy part - it is always a pleasure to deal with a pair of such consummate professionals. Every room was laid out in excruciating detail, with even the minutest complication getting adequate attention. Colours, shapes, dimensions, interactions, lighting - everything was recorded in a set of computer-generated drawings that really helped in visualizing the final decor. Unlike some other interior designers we approached, Inner Space considered our entire apartment holistically. The competition just tried out cut-and-paste ideas from design magazines and websites; Inner Space had a customized grounds-up design handcrafted for OUR apartment based on OUR choices. Not one element in the final decor is out of place; and they easily segue into each other. The wow effect when we finally saw the completed apartment is a memory to cherish forever. Coming to Yogesh's execution skills - timelines were laid out well in advance, workers were hired in time and the project proceeded like clockwork. The apartment was ready exactly on the date Yogesh committed to several months earlier. Not a rough edge, not a screw out of place. He would bend over backwards to accommodate even the smallest requests (whims, too) we had - move a switch a bit? no problem. Add another cupboard? Consider it done. Nothing was left out; they were all recorded, scheduled and executed with characteristic attention to detail. All this completely within budget. We had set a rupee amount for the whole project; the final cost was actually a little bit less than the estimate provided at the outset. They were actually holding us back when we wanted to splurge beyond our budget. We were encouraged (nay, required) to actively participate in selection of designs, colours, material and other elements. It goes without saying that if I were to buy another residence in Bangalore, Inner Space is an automatic choice for the interior design.”
Hyphen Designs
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars30 August 2021
“Very few interior designers think about the house from the residents perspective and Hyphen is one of them. The engagement started with them going through a detailed questionnaire to understand what our day to day life looks like, including activities, social circle, guests and then the future needs. The second best part was that once the design was finalised it was not set in stone. We could alter things and there was always a heads-up that this is the point of no return or would cost X amount if we modify existing design, which helped shape things as we went. A focus on free movement for dwellers, no sharp edges, etc, etc was also excellent. Despite Covid, team made sure not to allow any slippage of work and maintained discipline which is important in community living where other houses are occupied. The focus was on quality of work instead of just going behind brand names which charge a premium. Right from furniture color to curtains to paint job all was very well coordinated and while the sequence may be complex for a layman like me there was a detailed method behind it. The outcome has been beyond our expectations and would recommend them to anyone.”
Archierio Design Studio
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars2 June 2021
“On time service guaranteed . Always available on call and customer satisfaction is the key for the team.”
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars14 March 2019
“Nain is a wonderful designer, she listened and designed the space just how I want it. Helped me plan the floor space and what furniture will look good in the space. Thank you houseof9design, for my minimal design that makes my small apartment look great.”
PD Designs
Kudur, Karnataka Custom Furniture Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars19 July 2018
“We have the priviledge to be working with PD Designs on their home interiors projects. As manufacturers of premium wardrobes, kitchens, and cabinetry furniture; we have helped them convert their vision of their customer's home designs into reality. We enjoy working with PD Designs on their projects because of their high-touch approach with customers. They are also very detail oriented and their experience with homes over many projects helps ensure good detailed designs and practical solutions. They are also strict with us about quality, finishes and detailing. Customised home interiors is not easy. Designers must understand their customer's functional requirements, their personal design tastes and then translate that into designs and further into a finished product and all of this is particularly challenging in our Indian construction environment. A lot of effort, thought and practice is required to get things right. Fortunately PD Designs has the ability to work through these disciplines and make things look easy for their clients. If you are the owner of a premium home, I would definitely recommend using the interior design services of PD Designs. This recommendation comes through my personal experience of working with them on their customer projects. Kuruvilla Director Decopad Interiors”
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