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Whether you live is a 10 bedroom bungalow or a 3 bedroom apartment, it will feel like home only when you create a cohesive look that represents your style. This when the work of a professional interior designer can make all the difference. Interior design companies can help determine vital factors ranging from mood to efficiency. So, whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home, or simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor, seeking the help of professional interior designers and decorators in Bangalore is a must. More
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Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in bangalore, IN
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Décor Dreams is India's leading Interior Designing company, currently serving in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
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S-Cube stands for (1) Customised design, (2) Quality Implementation and (3) Commitment and Customer satisfaction... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
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I am a Bangalore-based interior design consultant whose special strength lies in turning simple cabinetry into... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, IN
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I am an interior designer based out of Whitefield, Bangalore. I specialize in functional, elegant and luxurious... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
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Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd. is an Turnkey Interior Design Solution firm founded in year 2006 in Bangalore with... Read More
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Turnkey Interior design firm based in Bangalore. We specialize in end-to-end design, execution & management of... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, IN
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At Creative Axis Interiors Pvt. Ltd., we have always enjoyed "defining spaces" for a cosy living of every client.... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in BANGALORE, IN
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We at "Ambiance" undertake interiors & turnkey projects. We also provide services like Design consultation,... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, IN
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Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, IN
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HYPHEN DESIGNS is an interior design firm with expertise in RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, RETAIL AND HOSPITALITY ... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
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Priyadarshini is a qualified Architect whose passion for design has led her to start PD DESIGNS, a Design Studio... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in BENGALURU, Karnataka, IN
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Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, IN
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Im an interior designer based in Bangalore. I have spent over a decade in this field. I specialize in Interiors... Read More
Interior Designer & Interior Decorator in Bangalore, IN
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Spacecrafts offers total home interiors solutions for your Apartment or Villa home. We have crafted several... Read More
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Featured Reviews for Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"I began renovating my home was hiring Asense. the role team of Asense played in updating our home was always gracious, proactive, professional.Finally took the plunge of purchasing my first home and asense was right there to help me really make it my own. they understood and worked within my limited budget, and was able to find creative solutions to my small space . it was extremely easy to work with . I would 100% recommend ASENSE!! THANKS FOR CREATIVE AND INOVATIVE WORK THATS BRINGS SMILE ON EVRYONE!!"
- jomukund
Decor Dreams
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"Megha and her team worked seamlessly and transformed my living room completely. The designs suggested and implemented by their crearive team, made my cramped looking room - a wide and spacious one. Superb finishing and on time completion"
- d'Art Zone
S-Cube Studio
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"Nowadays, in Bangalore, you would find many interior designers in the market, some with swanky websites, some with great sales pitch but rarely you would find customers who are genuinely happy with the quality of work done and interior designers who dare to make a friendly call to the customer months after handing over the project! That is precisely what sets S-cube Studios' Nanndini and Shantanu apart from the others. The quality of work and customer focus is just outstanding. We had engaged S-Cube studios for the interiors of our 3 bedroom flat which has been beautifully executed according to our tastes. They have done interior of other flats also in the same society and each looks completely different though the plan may be the same. The way Nanndini and Shantanu ask details about your hobbies, the things you already possess and make space for each and every one of them is amazing. Be prepared to see the real power of wardrobes other than the normal 3 shelf, 2 drawer wardrobes we all are well acquainted with. Go with S-Cube Studio if you have ideas and thoughts and want to turn them into reality and also practical. What sets them apart from others is 1. Customer focus 2. Stating clearly what can be/cannot be accomplished instead of giving false promises. 3. Quality of work and minute attention to details. 4. Ability to personalise the space according to the customer's lifestyle . 5. Concious endeavour not to replicate designs even if the customer insists. 6. A dedicated and awesome team who have a keen eye themselves. S-Cube studio thanks again and best wishes always. Keep rocking!"
- Diya Ray
GJ Studio
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
""We had a fantastic time working with Geeta and her team on our new home. Taking a fairly structured approach, Geeta helped us understand our budget and developed a staged timeline, patiently understood our (very different) tastes and came up with designs that were appealing to both of us and were "uniquely ours". She made sure the designs were as beautiful as they were functional, and most importantly focussed on completing the project on time and within budget, despite our crazy lives and schedules. It's very satisfying to walk into our house and feel like the space truly reflects our unique identities, and not some design catalogue. A big thank you to Geeta and team for their patience on working with us""
- shataparna
CozyNest Interiors
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"Well what can I say, Neelu is simply the BEST! Her passion and dedication makes her work second to none. She has loads of patience. She would first try and understand our requirements and then come up with ideas, at any point we would want any change she was flexible with that too. She tries to work well within your budget and doesn't push you to take decisions in a haste. Not to miss her team of carpenters who are equally dedicated. She's also abreast with the latest designs and tries to implement these in her projects. Her choice of lights, drapes, furniture etc. are so good that she gave me the confidence that, "If it's Neelu's choice it's got to be Good". We were truly lucky that we got you as our interior designer. Best Wishes to you in all your future endeavours"
- shwetar
Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd.
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"Home is your dream and you expect it to shape up atleast what you would have dreamed of. It was sheer coincidence to have found Seema from Artis. And from the very first meeting, i was getting this assurance that its going to be Amazing. And Amazing it was :) She is the most polite professional you will ever meet and that brings along lots & lots of patience to hear client expectation/ideas and bring them on board. Her team is great bunch of guys and even after delivery they are there for small changes / niggles (which were bare minimum). I am sure, my house wouldnt have been this amazing without you and your team Seema. Thanks for gifting us something beyond our imagination and this bond will be forever. If its you first house/second one or a re innovation, do give her a shot before you decide anyone else and mark my word "You wont need anyone else"."
- Rituraj Singh
Inner Space
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"We (my wife and I) hired Inner Space for the interior design of our apartment in Bangalore. The project took close to six months, during which time we had the opportunity to deal with Aanchal and Yogesh very closely - with Aanchal during the early conceptual design phase, and with Yogesh during the execution phase. First, the easy part - it is always a pleasure to deal with a pair of such consummate professionals. Every room was laid out in excruciating detail, with even the minutest complication getting adequate attention. Colours, shapes, dimensions, interactions, lighting - everything was recorded in a set of computer-generated drawings that really helped in visualizing the final decor. Unlike some other interior designers we approached, Inner Space considered our entire apartment holistically. The competition just tried out cut-and-paste ideas from design magazines and websites; Inner Space had a customized grounds-up design handcrafted for OUR apartment based on OUR choices. Not one element in the final decor is out of place; and they easily segue into each other. The wow effect when we finally saw the completed apartment is a memory to cherish forever. Coming to Yogesh's execution skills - timelines were laid out well in advance, workers were hired in time and the project proceeded like clockwork. The apartment was ready exactly on the date Yogesh committed to several months earlier. Not a rough edge, not a screw out of place. He would bend over backwards to accommodate even the smallest requests (whims, too) we had - move a switch a bit? no problem. Add another cupboard? Consider it done. Nothing was left out; they were all recorded, scheduled and executed with characteristic attention to detail. All this completely within budget. We had set a rupee amount for the whole project; the final cost was actually a little bit less than the estimate provided at the outset. They were actually holding us back when we wanted to splurge beyond our budget. We were encouraged (nay, required) to actively participate in selection of designs, colours, material and other elements. It goes without saying that if I were to buy another residence in Bangalore, Inner Space is an automatic choice for the interior design."
- binand
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"they provide really good interiors . this day we demand to western stuff all lot . the creative axis provide designs which are modern. western as well as it has Indian touch . loved their work"
- rachitashetty
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"1. She listens to the requirement 2. Come up with different ideas 3. After selection takes responsibility for execution along with the contractors 4. Gives practical feasible tips 5. Doesn't force her ideas on the customer"
- swapnakumar
Nandita Manwani
Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore
"I got my villa done by Nandita over 4 years back. Just came across her Houzz profile and could not help but leave a comment. I was living in Chennai at the time and had no one to supervise the work apart from the occasional visit by my nephew based in Bangalore I was hence looking for someone who could do the interior on a turnkey basis. I came across Nandita's work through her blog and on meeting her found her to be like minded, hence decided to entrust her with the work. Since I have moved in in 2012 I have had nearly all visitors & guests complementing my home. I am a picky person when it comes to quality however can say that apart from minor fixes here and there the work has lasted well and retains its sheen till today. Keep up the good work Nandita & god bless Kiran"
- atkiranpillai
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What is the difference between interior designers and interior decorators?

Both Bangalore interior professionals are closely related and often mistaken for the same thing, however, there are some significant differences you should be aware of before hiring. An interior designer, also known as an interiors architect, will not only hone your style down to its very essence but will be able to choose a functional layout. All Bangalore interiors designers require specific schooling and formal training. They use their specialised knowledge of interior architecture, building regulations, materials, and furnishings to help you arrive at your dream home design. Interior design companies can come on board during the early stages of construction to plan spaces and room functions down to the last detail, and can help design and renovate interiors and decorate. On the other hand, an interior decorator will typically be involved with the “look and feel” of a space, and won’t be able to assist in renovations that require structural work. Interior decorators in Bangalore normally come on board after all structural work is complete.

Why should I hire an interior designer or decorator in Bangalore?

Everybody wants to a home that reflects their personality, though some of us are just too preoccupied with a career and/or family to think about colour schemes, wallpaper, flooring, and lighting. A Bangalore professional interior designer can save you bags of time, stress and months. Residential interior designers and decorators in Bangalore understand the latest trends, have a good sense of layout and functionality. They can also save you money by sourcing products via trade contacts or offer affordable alternatives to blowout iconic designs.

How do I choose the right interior designer in Bangalore for my home?

Every Indian home is unique in its style and can be an inspiration to define your own style. You start by looking at images and work of different interior designers and decorators in Bangalore. Save the pictures and details of the professionals who match your taste.There are plenty of interior design companies and interior designers who can help you turn your living room into mix-and-match lounge oozing an eclectic style, or turn a pale and interesting minimalist bedroom with shots of colour, or a beautiful space inspired by Scandinavian design. Pick an interior designer in Bangalore who has completed work similar to the look and feel that you desire. Be sure to discuss your needs, ideas, constraints, and budget early on. Some interior companies are design only, while others can oversee the whole project. If it is the latter that you seek, make sure all subcontractors used are well experienced and accredited.

What are some of the important questions to ask Bangalore interior designers or interior decorators?

  • What professional interior design qualifications do you have?
  • Can I see your design portfolio?
  • Can you give me a referral? (It makes a big difference to talk with a client who's worked with the designer before.)
  • What will be your level of involvement in the project? Are you design-only or do you offer project management too?
  • Do you offer a free initial consultation?
  • Will I be able to see materials samples as well as illustrations and a schedule of work at the outset?
  • Have any of your previous interior design projects involved making structural alterations to an existing property?
  • Which sub-contractors do you intend to use and why? Can I see examples of their previous work?
  • How often will we be meeting to discuss progress and how many site inspections will you carry out?
  • When will the home renovation/design be done?

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