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Featured Reviews for Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA

Don Larkin, Architect, AIA, PLLC
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
6 Sep 2012
“We engaged the services of Don Larkin, Architect, to design our new custom home in Manchester, Washington. We selected Don after reviewing and interviewing several other architects because of his previous experience in construction, his design style, and his easy-going manner. We were not disappointed. We brought Don a conceptual layout, discussed with him our priorities -- needs, wants and desires -- and after a site visit, he flipped our concept 180 degrees which resulted in a far superior layout for the site. I guess that's why you hire a professional. His initial exterior design so captivated my wife and me by delivering on our tastes and styles that we hardly made changes to his exterior concept. Throughout the design process, Don brought us excellent ideas, and as we suggested changes or modifications, he was always good natured in dealing with our ignorances by pointing out why what we suggested would not work, but offering alternatives that blended our vision with reality. Once we settled on a design, he was there with us throughout the permitting process and the construction phase, making necessary or desired changes as requested. He has remained in contact after we completed construction to ensure we are satisfied with the home he designed based on our vision and our lifestyle. Throughout the process, both Don, and my wife and I learned a lot about the architectural design process. Don recognized some of our spatial visualization issues and developed some 3-D depictions of his 2-D drawings. These 3-D renderings helped tremendously in our ability to visualize the finished product, and to communicate with our contractor and trades people on the desired finished look. If Don does not offer these to you, I recommend that you ask him about them. They were an excellent aid in our design and build process. I absolutely and without hesitation commend and recommend Don Larkin for anyone who is interested in new or remodel construction architectural services. He listens to what you want, brings to you what he heard, and works with you to refine the product to meet your dreams. Don certainly delivered on our dream. Dave Pabst”
David Fall Architecture
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
23 Jul 2018
“We hired David Fall to design a 700 square foot Accessory Dwelling. He came to our home, reviewed the site where the ADU would be located, took copious measurements, asked us many questions regarding our reasons for the unit, what we hoped to achieve, what our must have were, etc.,etc. Very thorough indeed - asked us questions we have never even considered but upon reflection they were indeed important. David drew up several rough plans so that we could decide which way to go without incurring high design fees. What was great was that he thought outside the box and came up with great cost-savings ideas. We have used his final plans to obtain quotes from a few builders, some of whom were referrals from David, but due to the building craze here in Seattle we have decided to postpone the actual construction till 2019. We hope that by this time the availability of subs and construction costs would have leveled out a little. Once the builder is chosen David will be involved again to ensure that all goes smoothly and that his plans are correctly followed. David is really pleasant to work with - his fees were reasonable and was open and willing to listen to our concerns and ideas, even when they were a bit over the top. He brought us gently back to earth without making us feel foolish. No hesitation in recommending him and we are looking forward to the finished project.”
Coates Design Architects Seattle
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
25 May 2012
“We've toured the residential and commercial projects created on Bainbridge Island by Coates Design, and have followed their work for years. Our office was in the same building, and we often stopped in to learn more about their projects. We've always been impressed by their great architectural sense of aesthetics, and their ability to create innovative work that blends well into the surroundings of the project location. Very professional, very pleasant and very accomplished.”
Matthew Mawer Residential Design
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
14 Feb 2014
“I have worked with Matt from the day he started his design company. I fact, I may have been his first client. Matt's strength is his willingness and ability to simplify. And, in building design, simplicity isn't simple...or easy. He will re-design several times to get it right. Sometimes, and unnecessarily, to his own financial detriment. Matt has designed my personal homes and my "for profit" homes. His zeal to achieve our identified goals shows no descrimination. I don't know what I would do without Matt. Michael Burke Founder and Managing Member NW Lifestyle Homes LLC”
Board & Vellum
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
5 Nov 2013
“Board and Vellum designed my retail store and did an absolutely amazing job! They were pleasant to work with, super creative, and affordable. I'm already working with them on my next project.”
Marlo Brown Architects LLC
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
27 Aug 2017
“I chose Marlo Brown because she was young. Her mother mentioned that Marlo just graduated from Columbia with a masters in architecture and worked for a very prestigious architect in Japan, a company called SANAA which has won the highest internationally recognized architecture award for excellence which was great for our theme – modern Asian castle. I like to give new graduates a chance, and because she was young I hoped she’d be less likely to reject our ideas as impractical or impossible—such as a full-size stage in a multi-tiered living room. She was excited to hear our ideas and put them on paper in an artistic and clear way. If something was unusual, she found a way to do it, always clarifying with us so she knew exactly what we were envisioning. A dramatic roof that looks like origami is one of her own personal touches to the design. Marlo is always professional but personable, an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Brett Marlo Design Build
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
14 Feb 2013
“We collaborated with Brett Marlo Designs on a custom sliding door for one of her projects. Brett wanted to transform a nook into a study room for her customer's daughters and came to us with the idea of the sliding door. We really enjoyed working with Brett throughout the whole process. She has a great eye for design and is really good at solving design constraints. As you can see from the picture the result of her design was an amazing study space. We look forward to working with her on many projects in the future.”
Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
9 Feb 2012
“As General Contractors, we have had the privilege of working with Dan Nelson and the great folks at Designs Northwest Architects on many projects, some award winning. We recommend them highly and look forward to working with them on many projects in the future! ~ RGN Construction, LLC, Seattle WA”
MacPherson Construction and Design
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
29 Aug 2014
“We hired the professional services of MacPhearson; we communicated our design desires, and they delivered it beyond our expectations; and thereafter the construction went according to schedule, and we were 100% pleased with the finished product!”
Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design
Architects and Building Designers in Newcastle, WA
19 Jun 2013
“My husband and I had the privilege of working with Kyle Zerbey on the design and construction of a vacation home in Eastern Washington. Kyle was the associate at the firm we hired and he was our main contact person during the whole process. He went the extra mile in getting to know us and understanding our unique needs. He is super-detail oriented, and did the hard work of narrowing down choices and then presenting us with reasonable options to choose from. He doesn't impose his ideas on you and is fun to work with. We have been enjoying the house tremendously because so much thought was put into designing it so it all works perfectly. Kyle Zerbey is a top-notch professional and I recommend him enthusiastically.”
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