IM-KM is an architectural design build firm that integrates international perspective with local craft to create livable high-design spaces that are informed by and responsible to the larger landscape and community they are immersed within. In 2008, IM-KM was formed when husband and wife team Ivan and Kristin Morales brought their combined experience at award-winning NYC design firms to a Central American surf town where horses are still tied up at the gas station. The remote location and sensitive ecosystem at AMA Estancia required innovative master planning and an intuitive relationship with local practice and process. To fulfill the vision for the 10,000 sqft home, IM-KM managed the build and onsite design, leading a team of international designers, environmental scientists and local makers. When the home was complete in 2010, the firm had grown to encompass furniture design and fabrication, interior design, and a substantial reforestation project. IM-KM now manages the 2,000 acre estate, it’s ongoing reforestation and sustainability initiatives, and the design, maintenance and hospitality staff.