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Scandinavian design started in the 1950s in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The style has now become trendy worldwide, especially with the rise of several well-recognized Scandinavian furniture companies like Ikea and Marimekko. Scandinavian designs are known for three main characteristics: simple, affordable and functional. Minimalism is a key component of the style — furniture takes center stage and accessories are rare and carefully selected. Scandinavian decor is all about light colors, white walls, clean lines and natural materials, such as wood, granite, leather and concrete. Nordic countries experience dark and cold winters, so fireplaces, cozy textures and well-placed lighting remains top priority.

stair case with external garden & exterior view - manish505

Photo: Simon Plant

Anna Stathaki

Heta Scanline 800. @Orion Heating - Woodburning Stoves and Gas fires in Essex. Exclusive fireplace showroom for top European brands. The standard model with a large ashpan and integrated tool set.

Philip Lauterbach

Johan Spinnell
plant - usha_s_lokesh

Dinesh vanity van during kingmakers - shravyasree_neethipudi

INT2 architecture

Cozy, small, intimate - sachin_bhatia32

ceiling - priyalpatle48

Megan Taylor

Торшеры - Cattelan Italia Кровать - San Giocomo Пуф - B&B Italia Постельное белье Lissoy - магазин Предметы Плед Lelin Studio Графика из галереи Квартира S и Art Burt Moscow Бронтозавр, скульптуры и зеркало L’appartement