Bruner Street KitchenBruner Street Kitchen
Plain & PoshPlain & Posh
This kitchen was in desperate need of a makeover. (see the original space at the end) There was a truly odd peninsula that blocked the cook from access to the refrigerator behind it. The span was only 33" which made working in the area almost impossible. The peninsula was also the weekly dining area, but did not function well. This makeovers is truly one of my favoirites as it shows what good design can do for a space!
Elegant Traditional Kitchen in GreenwichElegant Traditional Kitchen in Greenwich
We designed this kitchen using Plain & Fancy custom cabinetry with natural walnut and white pain finishes. The extra large island includes the sink and marble countertops. The matching marble backsplash features hidden spice shelves behind a mobile layer of solid marble. The cabinet style and molding details were selected to feel true to a traditional home in Greenwich, CT. In the adjacent living room, the built-in white cabinetry showcases matching walnut backs to tie in with the kitchen. The pantry encompasses space for a bar and small desk area. The light blue laundry room has a magnetized hanger for hang-drying clothes and a folding station. Downstairs, the bar kitchen is designed in blue Ultracraft cabinetry and creates a space for drinks and entertaining by the pool table. This was a full-house project that touched on all aspects of the ways the homeowners live in the space. Photos by Kyle Norton
Water's EdgeWater's Edge
Timothy M. Giguere, AIA - TMS ArchitectsTimothy M. Giguere, AIA - TMS Architects
Architectrure by TMS Architects Rob Karosis Photography
Темный лес: загородный дом в ПодмосковьеТемный лес: загородный дом в Подмосковье
«Точка дизайна»«Точка дизайна»
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