The primary intervention was to strip the shell of all the walls and partitions in order to expose the metal structure internally and create a large open space that can serve multiple functions. A single partition, that acts as double-sided storage, was introduced to divide the public area of the apartment from the bedroom. This multipurpose partition houses all the AV equipment towards the living room converts to a bookshelf in the bedroom, and is also the primary wall in the space on which our client, an avid art collector, can showcase his collection. The door between the living room and the bedroom is a sliding folding glass partition that can be opened up to make the whole space one. The powder room, efficiently uses an oddly-shaped triangular space, and is tucked away behind a panelled partition with a concealed door. The space was conceived as a non-descript backdrop to house all the crafted inserts and the art. The few external civil walls were clad in half-cut brick and all the surfaces were painted white. Three exposed ISMB columns in the space were flamed and lacquered to add some industrial character. The client wished to keep the palette simple, with subtle art deco details and industrial elements to create contrast. Saw-cut wooden flooring, white on white panelling and delicate brass accents, all add warmth and richness to the space.
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