What is a Jali?

Jaali or Jali is a traditional architectural decoration. It is a perforated stone or latticed screen in geometric patterns. Beyond its intricate and delicate work, jali designs help in lowering the temperature by compressing the air through the holes. If you would like to add a little old-world charm or traditional design to your home then the jaali or jali is a perfect addition. One of the most popular uses of jali in urban Indian homes in on the door. Jali door designs are extensive from sliding door additions to decorative elements on the interior doors. Jalis create a movement that adds to the design. Jali is also used as an accent, not only a wall accent but even for ceilings. Jali designs for ceilings are quite creative, you can use different jali panels to create a pattern or simply use an existing jali panel to create a dramatic effect on the ceiling You can find so man jali designs for partition in the market today. They are economical yet beautiful alternative to a wall or shelve. This is a beautiful partition in areas of high sunlight. The sunlight hitting the jail design creates an intricate shadow pattern adding to the focal point of the room division. Some other popular places at home to use them are by the bay windows, as a pooja room wall accent and o staircase railings. You can browse through a collection of jali designs images on Houzz.