House of Colours

House of colours @ Chennai Scope : Architecture + Interior Design consultancy Master bedroom Cot with brass inlaid headboard and loft cabinets above *Repetitive content for all the linked posts of the house following* We were put on board to design when the building was already up with her first floor slab. The residence on the third floor was planned to accomodate a living ,dining, kitchen with utility , a bedroom with an attached toilet and a guest bedroom with a common toilet - all with an existing structural layout that had been planned for commercial tenantal spaces in the lower two floors. The clients wanted a splurge of colours in their spaces them being doctors .This being Studio AJ' s first project the amount of confidence and freedom they vested in and gave to us can never be put in words. The journey as a whole was a rich learning experience. #interiordesign #interior #studioajarchitects #studioaj #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomdesign #masterbedroom #masterbedroomdesign #brassinlay #loft #headboard #coimbatorearchitects #chennaiarchitects #homedecor #homeinterior
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