11th Street Residence

"To design a house with a garage, an office, three bedrooms and three bathrooms in a 16-foot-wide space was a challenge. The result is a great way to live downtown." Cecil Baker, Philadelphia Style Magazine 11th Street Residence is one of a series of three townhouses built in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Philadelphia. Once a vacant lot owned by the redevelopment authority, the project was seen as an opportunity to infuse new residential life onto 11th Street. The design of the three 16-foot homes was based on maximum flexibility. The 'residence' is encompassed within the second and third floors; the rear portion of the first floor and the entirety of the fourth floor were offered for customization - either as two office suites, as a standalone rental opportunity (in the case of the first floor), or as expansions of the basic residence. The design resolution of the 11th Street facades attempts to echo the rhythms and materials of the eclectic streetscape without lapsing into historical repetition. Brick, Arriscraft Renaissance masonry units, and Kalwall combine at the exterior to create a thoroughly modern façade in the city. Tom Crane Photography
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