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Pooja Khanna Tyagi

This Diwali it is saying no to plastic and getting back to (branded) steel bottles and containers. This is a phase where we are all consciously shifting from plastic to steel

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Why the same kind of stuff year in and year out? Yes... stuff just becomes stuffy after a while!

Plants and trees are amongst the best choices you have for a gift that is actually worth your while. Thankfully you have included them in this list. Most of these other choices on this list requires heavy manufacturing and processing. They are by definition not sustainable and most of us already have these things in some form or the other.

I think its high time we introspect and think of ways that your gift can go beyond the act of just gifting!

Some examples are:

  • Bonsai for those who want to slow down and have a very dynamic hobby.
  • Medicinal plants and herbs for just about anyone amongst your friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Indoor plants to help clean their indoor air. You can select from small table top plants to larger size plants to be placed in corners, side tables etc.
  • Seeds, seed germination kit, kitchen garden kit etc
  • Trees for those who have space for them in their home, office, factory or farm. Even a small traffic island can be greened by you and your friends for Diwali.
  • Flowering shrubs for butterflies, bees and insects.
  • Garden elements like stone work, terracotta sculptures etc.
  • Plant inputs for serious lovers of plants.
  • Tranquillity fountains and other small water features.

There are so many ecological sustainable gifting options when it comes down to plants and trees.

They are just so beautiful by themselves that they do not need any kind of additional detailing and wasteful packaging.

As Tagore once said "... not simply to hold a lamp in my hands but to be lit from within."

Happy Diwali to you all!

Harihara Sudhan M

Business Head


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Anagha Kalghatgi

A true gift which we can give to each other and is really needed these days is having good, pure, positive wishes in our minds for each other.
Give any gift outside but while giving think pure, positive thoughts inside e.g. let this person be happy, healthy always. So we are gifting two ways- material and good vibrations. This is sure shot way to please the other person even if the gift is small, not very expensive. Always take care of your thoughts, ensure they are pure and positive for the other person and that is the best gift you can give to anyone.


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