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I honestly don't have room for a table nor a tiny island. And I wish I did. I've only got 1.3 metres between the cupboards on one side and sink/stove/fridge on the other. Kitchen is in solid brick house so extending would be a nightmare let alone cost way too much. I just wish it was a metre longer! It would be classed as a galley kitchen. Cupboards on the wall as well.

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Ocean Home Designs

I love the folding tables, especially the one that actually forms a design element in it's own right - superb!

We're currently working on a very cosy kitchen in which we've managed to slot a small pull out breakfast bar over the top of a free standing washing machine. It's just fitting in below the worktop and will give the owner a lovely space to sit at while he stares out the window and enjoys a coffee in the morning etc.

So remember - even with no space at all it's still possible if you think cleverly about it!

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