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Jonny Quest

Yeah the alien front loader look is something I'd thought about. LOL!!

My house is modest but the previous owners revamped the laundry room and I am working within that framework to provide better storage.

i use my sink quite a bit. I wash things soiled from DIY projects(brushes, rollers etc) in it, water plants, and more importantly it serves as the bathtub for my small dogs. It's easier to put my dogs in a sink for bathtime rather use the shower style I see in many of the houzz designs. I can't imagine that would work very well because your dog could easily leave the shower area.

I have had stacked in a closet and side by side in an alcove off my kitchen but grew up with laundry in kitchen.

Regarding the Italian who mentioned dressing well with fewer clothes that could be construed as somewhat shallow and your comment judgmental. Perhaps the number of clothes can be defined by occupation. I am an environmental scientist and definitely require two wardrobes.

But tomayto tomahto.

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Studio McGee

Thank you for the feature! Xo

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April Amond

Shorter people do NOT need a step stool to access the controls on their washer or dryer. If budget allows, an alternative is a commercial stacked unit with the controls in the center. Much safer and more convenient.


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