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April Amond

Shorter people do NOT need a step stool to access the controls on their washer or dryer. If budget allows, an alternative is a commercial stacked unit with the controls in the center. Much safer and more convenient.

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Lucinda Mathews

My favorite "luxury" is a wall-mounted ironing board! It has a built-in light, a shelf for storing an iron and ironing sprays, an electrical outlet for the iron.

I also prefer front-loading washer and dryers set on storage pedestals. I've had them stacked when there was no alternative because of limited space, but don't like them because the washer is so low and it can be difficult for me (a short person) to reach all the way into the dryer and get the dried clothes out.

I don't like for laundry rooms to be passageways for family and guests to enter. I'd rather it be smaller and have a separate entry into that area of the house.

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Terri Dalsky

My favorite idea is a craft bar in my new laundry / multipurpose room design. It’s easy and inexpensive to extend the countertop on one if the base cabinets add a stool and have a practical work space


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