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I’ve gotten rid of most of my plastic storage containers and lids by using plastic bags (not zipper bags—the cheaper closure-less bags) and clothes pins. Almost anything—baked beans, potato salad, casserole—

except hot liquids, goes in the clear bags, which are then twisted shut and closed with a spring loaded clothes pin. I store liquids, too, by supporting the bag in a mug or bowl. Contents are easy to see, and if you’ve left something a little too long, and the food is growing (and not in a nice way) just unclip the clothes pin, and dump the bag without having to touch or smell the contents. No stains from tomato sauce or grease. The clothes pins live on the counter in a lidless canister (next to the matching lidless canister of dog treats), and get used all the time: closing chip bags, flour and sugar bags in the pantry, cook book pages open, keeping my window propped open, etc, etc. I don’t use the thin bags for freezer storage, though.

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Tammy West
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Daisy Magali
I go to HomeDepot or Lowes and buy as many additional cabinet shelves as I want. They cut it to size for you and they sell the hardware to fii in those predrilled holes. Easy

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