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About the shell on the island. It is just wonderful to see. I was given one of those 45 years ago as a wedding present and could not figure out what to do with it. It was lovely but seemed to take up a lot of room. I finally gave it to a younger person who was quite thrilled. Since then I have seen 2 great uses. This kitchen shows one of them-to turn it on its back and use it as a planter-just sublime. Also I had an aunt who was a Catholic nun and certainly very consciously spiritual and mindful. She had a beautiful shell upon which she had inked-in very tiny script-all of the most important dates in her life. She kept it displayed with the blank side facing the room but it was such a lovely idea. My shell went voyaging though. What a beautiful kitchen. So many lovely ideas which were perfectly executed. I disagree with those who say that the shelves detract from the views-not at all. Also I do not agree with the person who posits that looking out at all of that snow in the winter would be too cold. Far from it. There is nothing like a view of fresh snow on a bright morning to lift the spirits.

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Divya Design Studio LLC

One of the most attractive, artistically-detailed and thoughtful designs I have ever seen. Best possible use of the light and views, with ingenious use of space while keeping it "simple." Stunner.

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Reenie Phillips

Gorgeous. I am uncertain about the practicality of the "suspension" shelving for glassware, etc. but the light colors are a breath of fresh air.


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