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Aum Architects

it is always good to experience it yourself with a lot of design centres by various brands in cities today, before taking a firm decision

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This review was very helpful and confirmed by doubts about built-in hobs. So thx lady.

All valid points. And to add,I

currently a cooking range that in terms of height works as the burners are flush (like built-in hobs) to my counter so no extra bending over. There is full control over spills.

There are close to no built-in hobs that have a full cover grill that makes cooking range tops so practical in terms of vessel balance on burner. I just remember my mum always having to keep an eye on that so the vessel didn't slip off while cooking (especially cooking heavy duty sweets).

My wish list for a hob if companies are reading this.

- full cover grill

- spill lip all around the hob.

- all burners should have ample space between them so they accommodate 3 big vessels at a time.. in terms of diameter. Currently, since this is lacking in Kaff n elica for eg. They off hobs where all burners are laid out horizontally eating up counter space and too expensive.

- 4-5 brass burners set in a square.

- safety feature. Elica has this.

- quality metal parts and tempered glass options. Kaff does not disappoint here.

- Slick looks. Kaff n Elica have this.

If this white horse exists, pls contact me!

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Anand S

This is very helpful. I have seen a Faber's hob which can also be changed in to cook top by adding a few screw fitting stands beneath the hob. The sales person is excessively marketing this feature, my question is, is this something other brands offer as well? Or is this standard across all brands?


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