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Melanie Price

We used to have mold. Now we vacuum often, take all the sheets, pillow cases and mattress protectors off to wash at least fortnightly, and vacuum the mattresses. Buy new pillows every 6 months. Don't use down anything as it attracts mites. Plus it is the cruellest of all forms of animal use and will give you nightmares if you see what happens. And open the windows for fresh air daily.

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Sofia Gameiro Inacio

'Say goodbye to tech'- definitely, I always feel like my best nights of sleep are the ones when I've shut down all tech a few hours before sleeping. Such a difference. Would add one thing to the list- the colour of your artificial lighting. The closer to natural daylight the better- more on the yellow scale, less on the white.

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Melanie, i suggest you try wool-filled duvets and pillows. I'd never go back to a down duvet now; wool resists damp and also doesn't harbour dust mites, it feels warm but breathes brilliantly in warm weather... I also have a wool-filled mattress protector, which is great: i'm sleeping on wool as well as under it.


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