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So why would you have a granite table top in the bedroom??

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The very important thing is that we can use more colors in the bedroom decoration. We published similar samples in archicon.

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Well my bedroom has double east facing and double south facing windows. I have light white blinds covered with sheer voile curtains for an improved look. It is a sunny climate and the walls are ivory and the woodwork is white so it never seems dark. I live in a city on a busy corner and almost never open the blinds. I do have the headboard against the east windows because this wall also has built in 4 door dressers which also serve as nightstands as they are big enough for a lamp, Kleenex box, water glass , alarm clock, book. They are also just far apart enough to fit a queen size bed between them. Anywhere else-it is a small room- the bed would block either the door or the closet. Across from the bed I have a beautiful , large Victorian armoire with 3 doors, a central mirror and carved roses. I need the extra closet space and it is a very pretty piece in good condition. This means that the mirror does face the bed which has never bothered me at all. If I needed to get out a window I could get out the south ones. There is room in a corner for a small chair upholstered white on white for putting on one's shoes and a coat tree for when I need to hang up some clothes temporarily. There is a nice rug. That is it-no room for another thing. It is cosy but serene and having the bed block the lower part of one set of very large windows just does not feel like a design flaw. I love my bedroom in my tiny little bungalow. I certainly could not work in there but I have places to do that.


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