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Joseph Futral

Beautiful examples and explanation. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

It's kind of funny how Modern architecture sometimes suffers from a Modernistic reductionist definition. So much so it requires adding "Organic" as an adjective when really this is not contrary to Modern at all. How can one look at Frank Lloyd Wright and not see this?

Plus, even though Modern utilizes many non-organic materials, one of the main precepts is authenticity in materials—if you want a wood look, use wood, not a fake wood. (which is why I am opposed to "wood" ceramic tile on principle).

The other precept (form follows function) with its ancillary (a rejection of superfluous ornamentation) also gets twisted to mean form over function, which entirely misses the point of Modern design. The point is that there is beauty in the function, there is beauty in what is already there and it doesn't need to be "blinged" with swirly appliqués. Many of these examples illustrate exactly that.

Hey, if it takes adding the "Organic" prefix to get people to appreciate actual Modern instead of some caricature, I say go for it!


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Lynn G

Beautifully done! I don't usually care for modern as it tents to be put forth as highly minimalist and looks un-lived in lacking any warmth. A key to each of these designs was having natural wood and it's warmth in each space. Also, bits of color, pattern, texture. There's just more personality in each than typically shown with "modern". Nice examples for what else modern can be.

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Ditto on the quality of this article. One element I would certainly include is the fiber of all the soft surfaces. Flax, linen, cotton, wool, silk, leather all fit in with the natural and modern elements. And I'll include my personal rule: no plastic.


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