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Dream on,they just used some elbow grease and it looked cleaner no thanks to vinegar or baking sofa.

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Once you've got it clean you should use a squeegee to give it a quick wipe down after each shower. Take less than a minute and you won't need to scrub it again! I use this one (easy to store).

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Justin Smith

The one and only thing I found that cleans a really really cruddy glass shower door that hasn't been squeegeed daily for TWO YEARS is a little tub of A-MAZ Clean & Green Water Stain Remover! I had a shower door that I thought I was going to have to replace, and this stuff (with a little elbow grease) works miracles. It was my last purchase before replacement, and to my surprise it worked beautifully! The door looked like new! I only wish I'd taken a before picture to compare. My friend saw it a couple days earlier when I was working on it... she said, "you're wasting your time, just replace it!" Well, I got the A-MAZ and in an hour I had it sparkling like new. My friend came back after a couple days and I showed her. Her response was, "Oh, so you replaced it." I said, "NO, I cleaned it!" She could not believe it was the same door! I've read complaints about it, but I really don't understand. It isn't something you spread on the door, and it dissolves the grime off the door. You have to use the scrubber and apply some pressure. You ca n actually FEEL the grime and scum melting off the surface as you scrub. I will never buy anything else. You can get it online at this store. And it's the most reasonable price I've found...


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