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MIndshift, thanks for that clarification. I grew up and currently live in the intermountain west so I'm familiar with bulbs and other plants that work in zones 4 or 5. I only lived in the southwest a couple of years at a time and was in the thick of things with toddlers and young children so didn't explore flower gardening too much. I satisfied myself with being able to grow the citrus I couldn't grow in the north and planted aloe vera outside instead of keeping it as a houseplant. I suppose if I'd lived there longer I'd have researched what flowers were better suited to that climate but having to pull up and refrigerate the bulbs I was so familiar with wasn't something I wanted to do.

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Wendy, you usually wait until the daffodil (narcissus) foliage is yellow before you dig them . If you let the foliage die back completely, you can't find them as easily. I sometimes will dig them when the foliage is green IF I am replanting them immediately. I'm in zone 7.

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I plant only daffs and alliums as the squirrels break my heart when they nip off the tulip blooms.


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