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Excellent advice. I also suggest taking ear plugs (in case anyone in the house snores like a train,) your favourite pillow (even if the mattress doesn't agree the pillow will truly aide a good night's rest,) a very warm dressing gown (doubles as a bed throw if there are no blankets to top up the bed,) and an alarm clock (whilst the hosts may tell you to make yourself at home sleeping in until midday every day will soon grate. So rise at a reasonable hour or when you hear your host) and naturally a thank you gift for such a great stay. Oops and a quiz book/novel for when you need to escape to your room. Merry Christmas to one and all.
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A Christmas Quiz and games like Charades or Pictionary, are a staple in our family get togethers. We also play card games like Brag and Trumps for very low stakes. Its about trying to do things that any generation can enjoy that passes the time and creates humour. I'm not averse to watching a bit of communal TV either, in fact it's quite relaxing as the entertainment is being provided rather than you having to partake in it. Offer to help with chores and make sure special thanks are given to the host, and their efforts don't go unnoticed. Love it or hate it, Christmas forces us to get together and at the very least, you're making memories, so try to make them good ones!
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This year we are taking homemade Christmas pudding and cake. They both travel well. We also take a bag of bedroom snacks when visiting a lovely relative (who we adore) but is incapable of scheduling meals. A quick bite upstairs when dinner is three hours behind the hosts target time keeps spirits up! In the past we've arrived to find guests who arrived a day earlier virtually gnawing on the table.


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