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Melissa Rodriguez

Just remodeled my kitchen area and can't figure out which type of table to put in the corner.. I'm thinking to build a corner bench/breakfast nook but should I do a round or rectangle table? It's a small space so I'm just trying to maximize what i got... Any suggestions? The blue tape on the the floor is an idea of where bench would be built.

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Dana Veach

@Melissa Rodriguez...A narrow rectangle with rounded edges or an elongated oval shape would seem to me to be a good fit for your space. there a way to connect your current peninsula with the wall next to the refrigerator... perhaps by utilizing a narrow cabinet (about the depth that the refrigerator extends past the wall edge) on the wall above it/sitting on the end of it as in some of the narrow cabinets shown in the recent Houzz article: see link below.

This would open up the traffic way on the booth side of the kitchen and make your kitchen seem more of a unit. I'm not a professional kitchen designer, so you might want to post your query to the "Dilemma" area of Houzz for a wider range of opinions. Best wishes in your pursuit of pleasing and functional personal design!

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Signature Interiors LLC

A banquette with round table would break up all the sharp edges and corners. Add fabric chairs and cover the banquette seat with coordinating fabric to soften the look. I like how you've left the island floating so as not to close off the limited space. Looking good!


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