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For those of us in California fire zones, flammability should be a prime factor. Wood and especially man-made plastic "fake rattan" materials can be extremely flammable and many of our outdoor pieces on decks and patios directly abut our homes, making them conduit fuels for falling embers.

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Good article n outdoor furniture
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California the outdoors is the indoors and vice versa. I found that a lite
sweep in the morning or eve keeps my patio clean and furniture looking new. I
do have a problem with lizards that enjoy pooping on my patio floor but since
they take care of the bugs, I tolerate them. It gets hot here so metal
furniture will burn your arms and legs, plastic is hard and sticky. Rattan or woven is a great hiding space for
spiders. The best I have found for my area is teak. We use our outdoor space a
lot, not just eye-candy. The shade from
my trees is lovely however the leaf drop causes me a little extra effort.

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