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Anna Pereira

I have a similar door style to the thermofoil doors above, however I was told that my cabinet doors and drawers are solid maple. They are currently finished in a white bleached colour but we would like to remodel our kitchen by having them refinished. The kitchen was put in about 18 years ago and is showing lots of signs of wear and tear, the paint having come off on many of the doors and drawer fronts. We have a kitchen island in the same door style but it is stained in mahogany/chestnut. I was hoping to refinish the L-shaped portion of the kitchen in a light mushroom colour or a decorator white paint finish to keep things light but as the island was put in later, its doors and drawer fronts do not need refinishing so, I was thinking of keeping the island in the mahogany tone. Thirdly, we have a pantry in the same area which stores our fridge and will store our microwave in the remodelled kitchen. Since our new fridge is wider than our old fridge was, we had to remove the existing pantry boxes and we would have to cut down our existing pantry doors and drawers and have them clad in stainless steel in order to reuse the existing wood doors and drawer fronts. This can be done but would it be a bad idea to have the island in mahogany, the L-shaped portion in a light paint colour such as white or light mushroom/ taupe and then the pantry in stainless steel? The idea we have is to unify all 3 sections with the same light quartz countertop throughout the entire kitchen. Please advise if you can!

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Mike Martin

The one thing to remember when choosing Thermofoil doors is to ensure that you have a Melteca panel next to any oven or dishwasher space. This is to avoid any direct heat against the Thermofoil door edges which can lead to de-laminating the substrate. Trust me, I've had this happen

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Josh Ausborne

We had many of our thermafoil doors peel and separate from the underlying wood. We have since replaced them.

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