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thankyou fro the article. We have a 30 year old Cedar clad lofted Australian miners house, the cedar on the two exposed ends of the house (one which faces due west) are in very bad condtion and need to be replaced. I like the look of corraguted steel/colourbond, we live in central Victoria and expirence very hot summers, I am interested in what you think about the noise level from the rain, does it increase, and which direction is best to lay the wall sheets, I have been told horizontally is not recommend as it collects dust and does not allow water to drain correctly. If we apply the wall sheets vertically, I think this will make the house look too tall.

Thanks in advance.

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Brad Karae


Just one question: What about security?

I am worried that a burglar with a screwdriver can unscrew 1 or 2 steel cladding sheets & enter when we are not at home?

Is there a way of preventing this from happening?

Thank you

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Tristan Nikora

Hi we have a very old home in Western Australia in one of the Country Towns. It gets hot here too and we would like to know how this will last or be in these conditions. We are looking at laying insulation which we currently do not have...

Thank you.


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