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Adarsh Mehta
superb butterfly garden
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Ommertalhof Gartenmanufaktur Schroeder

Hello , we have a 10000m² butterfly garden in Germany .

It looks like a flowermeadow and is planted with lots of wildflowers that bloom all over the year .We have the same problems with a sharp decline of insekts and especially butterflies in mid Europe too .

One reason ist the use of insectkillers based on NEONICOTINOIDS .

Another ist the mow down of every flower in the landscape , to get a tidy surrunding.

If you want to have more insekts in your garden , you should prefer planting wildflowers , best nativ wildflowers that bloom in early spring or late summer / harvest .

And , most important , you should plant the feedigplants for the catarpillars .

Zitronenfalter on Telekia

Tagpfauenauge on Echinacea

Admiral on Eupatorium

Kaisermantel on Agastache

Feuerfalter on Helenium

Pictures from Ommertalhof , Germany .

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Ketaki Godbole Randiwe

Hello Ommertalhof Schroeder.. so good to hear from you in Germany! Yes it is indeed best when you plant the native wildflowers since they attract many species of butterflies. Encouraging more city folk to plant wild or native/naturalized flowers is our best hope to try and bring butterflies into urban habitats throughout the world. Cheers!

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