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In 2008 when I moved into my new flat in Chennai, India i covered all the windows with Venetian blinds out of my choice ( not because the contractor recommended it) since I had used them in the USA for my home and they were really good and durable. But the I bought in Chennai where made of thin aluminium and powder coated and probably imported.. The first few months were was wonderful because the blinds create a wonderful effect not possible with curtains. Within the next 10 months all the blinds were damaged by dust and bad quality components. it was a total loss of investment for me. Will be good to see an article on How / Where to get quality blinds in India and expert tips in choice of material ( aluminium, faux-pas wood, plastic etc., ) and types of blinds ( vertical vs Horizontal ) and various dimensions...and combining blinds with transparent thin curtains. Blinds get damaged easily when the window is left open during the monsoon season - Rain and Wind...


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