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Julie Hock
I had to smile at the „get the floors washed twice daily“. I then read further and realised that the article refers to homes in an Asian country where it is possible to still have live in help! I live in Melbourne and am the sole housekeeper. I have just had bamboo floors installed which are really not difficult to keep clean, mopping and vacuuming are the only attention I give them. Wish I had a little genie to vacuum and mop for me!!! Otherwise dusting with a damp microfibre cloth is a once a week activity.
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@priyakaur I use the Rainbow vacuum for the last 7 years and its brilliant!!

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Mudra Vyas
It is rightly said that Windows bring dust along with natural air and sunlight, but aren’t these two necessary for having a good indoor environment and air quality. Which is why we promote this another idea that can take care of both the aspects and the clients are happy to accept it too. Adding a green element on the inside or outside of the window effectively works as a barrier that traps the dust. Moreover, it can also work as a mini kitchen gardening where you can grow herbs. Here are some photos which can convey the idea in a better way.

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