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Definitely sliders. I had wide hinged doors (2) in a small bedroom, removed them and the entry door which was alongside and installed double sliding doors which acted as either wardrobe doors or entrance door. This one move added about 3 sq m to the usable floor space in the room! The only disadvantage is you lose the space on the INSIDE of the door to hang things eg scarves, ties etc.

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Margaret Barkley
I agree. Sliding doors are the best. We’ve changed all our wardrobe doors to sliding doors and also changed our hall cupboard and our linen cupboard all to sliding doors on the recommendation of our interior designer who has over 25 years of experience in the business. They’ve made the world of difference: they’ve given us so much more space and enabled us to see much better into and delve into all our cupboards. They also look 100% better. Anything else seems crazy now. I wonder why this article doesn’t show any sliding doors? I would have thought being an interior design site they’d know all about this especially as cupboard doors are the subject here.
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HUX London

These doors are great! the added interest in the room is so considered. We love designed a raised and fielded wardrobe door, really gives a 3D affect.


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