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Roma Fatima

Hi everyone,

I am confused on the color of the couch to go with for balanced beige walls, dark wood floor and java color cabinets. Any suggestions?

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Dee Bee
I have a sectional 7 piece semi custom sectional from Macy's in grey looks mid century I had it tufted. My home is nno really large. I am able to break up and set up many ways as I do not keep room the same. Love this furniture and the grey goes with almost any thing .
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Have had my 2 fire engine red velvet sofas for over 10 years, and LOVE them! Have accented with the lime green, turquoise and yellow look; now moving to an upscale farmhouse look (yes, with red sofas!), with cream sweater knit pillows and throws, black and white buffalo check pillows, etc.

Some designers say you should choose your sofa(s) in your favorite color(s), and you’ll never tire of it. That has certainly been the case with me. I have an almost 30 year old blue sofa upstairs in the loft, and I’ve decorated with/around it in many ways over the years. It is looking tired, and if I were to replace it, I would go with blue again! Don’t be afraid of color!

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