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Jade Everton

A comfortable bed is so worth the space. If you need a king to fit the adults plus maybe some kids and/or pets, not being a cranky sleep-deprived zombie is worth having to scooch around a bit in the bedroom. I recently got a king size bed at the expense of my closet doors (which are now snazzy curtains). I don't regret it.

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@jade everton... Good for you! I agree with you completely! I'm sure it looks great. I bet it's easier to get into your closet, with the curtains, as well. Just push 'em back and you're in!

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I have a small bedroom-11 ft by 14 feet. It is an older 1930's house and has twin white built in dressers with a large double window between. it just makes room for a queen sized bed which surprises me as there were not queen sized beds back then ! But the dressers double as nightstands and lamp stands which is a big help. There is a very small closet . My neighbors passed on a beautiful large oak Victorian armoire with carvings and a mirrored door. So this takes care of shoe storage, important papers-passport etc., and the full length mirror needed in a bedroom/dressing room. I've got one attractive chair for putting on or taking off shoes and a small table for books with a lamp by it. There is not room for another thing. I have white voile curtains , which are very pretty, to cover up the very ugly metal blinds-white also, which are necessary for privacy. They were already there and function just fine. As I have 4 full length windows it would be expensive to come up with anything nicer and as long as I don't have to actually look at them-as they are covered by filmy , crisp, pretty cotton sheers-I have decided not to mind. One becomes flexible with age. For the person who says that she has so much trouble vacuuming in close quarters that she thinks she might need to get rid of her rug : a bedroom is so much more comfortable and quiet with a nice rug. But I know what you mean. That chore was awful. I just got the cheapest non programmable Roomba. It has changed my life. It goes under everything without any trouble. It does a great job. If you shut the door it will not wander out before thoroughly cleaning a small room. The bedroom is now restful and dust free.


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