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Ron Brown - The Finisher

Great article

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pennyforyourthoughts - Not all LUSH products are fragrance-free.

I remember looking this up with my daughter, as she and I are both sensitive to many body care products. And some who advertise that they are great, still sneak some synthetic scents in.

The first bath bomb on their site does have added "fragrance" in their list of ingredients, which is the word they use for any manufactured chemical scent, usually made from petroleum. And so do all of the others I looked at - check them out for yourself:

You may not be allergic to ALL the synthetics, or maybe just not sensitive to them yet.

It takes an overexposure (usually) to create the sensitivity in the first place.

Why don't you just try some good essential oil for the bath if you want fragrance?

Young Living, doTerra, Floracopia are all excellent brands of natural essential oil.

I think Rocky Mountain is also a good one, I have less experience with it, but it is less expensive than the others.

You can put a couple drops in your bathtub, and/or leave in a small clay saucer (or a non-electric diffuser) in the bathroom if you want scent in there that is actually good for you!

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Shireen Saleem

great article. Thank you for sharing this. I am sure this decorating ideas really makes our homes a place that offers peace and comfort.

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