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Just designing our 'downsizing' townhouse for submission to Council and have put in a 1.80m x 2.10m glorified cupboard as my office. All my work is done on the computer and I generally work from A3 prints so I don't need the layout space of my current office (now purloined as the changed table for the grand-kids).

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Great idea ,need this in space I have...great use space but hidden..
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Our 'office' has just been moved into a cupboard and we love it! We have a tiny house that had no store space so have been focussing on efficient use of minimal space when we reno ..... and decided to put all things with wires in the same zone. Thanks to wireless we get out the laptop when we need to and work at the kitchen bench or lounge area. The cupboard is for storing and recharging and is where the modem/files and stationary live. We used some old cocktail cabinet doors. Still haven't got used to the phone ringing in there though ...... very Maxwell Smart :-)

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