Need help for re furnishing living/dining

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago
I am writing from the middle east and would like to get help with re-doing my drawing/dining room.
I like to re do it with a totally new look but am at a loss as to how to place my furniture differently- I always seem to come up with the same arrangement!
I favour ethnic/ contemporary/ minimalist.
We need at least 2 sets of seating since we always have many guests and regularly have informal meetings of committees where we are members.
I need to change the beige main sofa altogether since it is very old (23 years) and has started sagging even after several re upholstering jobs.
I don't have the cane sofa anymore- would like to get suggestions for replacing it with something which will give a similar use.
I like to keep my chinese dining table and chairs but can change the buffet.
The room measures 20 ft x 27.5 ft (6.0 m x 8.30 m )
Has a 2 doors - both on the same, long side of the rectangle , at two extreme ends. The other long side of the rectangle has tall windows, from one end to the other.
The short sides are plain walls.
The photos are not very good- sorry
I hope somebody will be able to help me .. need to re-do it soon since
we have a big event in the family coming up within a month.
Thank you all in advance