Dark marble kitchen countertop

Amrita C
17 March 2014
I'm considering a tobacco brown Italian marble countertop for my kitchen. But I'm a little worried about the care and maintenance involved in marble countertops. This is a soft marble and is beautiful to look at. Should I indulge my aesthetic sense or stick to a sturdier granite?

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  • TanCalGal
    I'd stick to granite.
  • Amy Stokes
    It's gorgeous. Go for it.
  • yvesun
    I'd use that marble as the back splash then use a complementary granite or Caesar-stone on the counter tops.
  • PRO
    Cornerstone Remodeling
    I would ask yourself a few questions first. Such as: How much do you use the kitchen? Do you tend to protect it with covers and mats when laying things (that could possibly scratch or damage the surface). Another question to consider is: what is more important to you, style or function? If it is function then Granite would serve you better and be easier to maintain, but if you need a certain style and don't use the kitchen counter space heavily for cooking, then I say go for the Marble and have fun indulging.
  • Lisa Imming
    I like the backsplash idea. If you have doubts about durability, listen to yourself. You can compliment this nicely with a cream quartz product.
  • sarajustice
    Wow that's very pretty and unique. I've never seen it before!!

    I say go for it! U only live once right:) It won't matter in the end! Indulge away!
  • PRO
    SoCal Contractor
    +1 to yvesun. I wouldn't use as a counter material but maybe as a backsplash. It is gorgeous, use it somewhere....
  • Amy Stokes
    I think the marble naysayers have jumped on the bandwagon without really living with the stone. I have statuary in my bathrooms and love it. Most stains can be removed with a simple baking soda and water poultice. Acid etching is harder to deal with since it removes the polished surface, but its part of having a living stone in your home. If it becomes too bad, you can have it repolished. With a darker stone, you won't have as many issues as a white marble. In order to really know if you can live with it, I suggest you get a small sample of the stone and do some tests. Here is an example.

    Please note that she used bleach and oxyclean to clean the stone after her test. Stay away from both since they can etch the stone just as much as an acidic food. Instead, clean with a ph neutral cleaner like isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), and for heavy stains, the baking soda poultice mentioned above.

    You have to remember that marble has been used for centuries as flooring, table tops, countertops, etc. throughout the world and most of these installations are still here and aren't stained and etched to the point that it has been ripped out and replaced. Just think about all of he luxury hotels in Europe and how many times they have been exposed to Hangover type guests without any damage.
  • lasvegasstonepros
    Good morning folks, I've been restoring natural stone for over 20 years. Until a few monthes ago there was no acceptable product in the world that could be applied to marble countertops that both looked great and prevented 100% of all stains and acid etching. We are currently the only company in the country certified by the manufacturer to apply a brand new revolutionary coating for marble. Yes it is a coating but this product will turn the marble industry upside down. For years people have been afraid to put marble in their kitchens. We have been working to perfect the complicated application process and I have to tell you that the finished product is absolutely beautiful. Upon completion of the application the marble looks like a reflection of crystal clear water while maintaining the depth and beauty of the marble. The best part about this coating is that it will prevent acid etching, stains from any product you can imagine including tomatoe sauce, wine, soda and even hydrochloride acid!! I will be posting pictures if the finished product in a few days. This coating can either be highly polished or honed. I know there will be skeptics. I was until I saw it with my own eyes. It truly is an amazing product.
    just now
  • yfuoco
    I have to say I agree with Amy. All the countertops in my home are marble, Emperador, Calcutta, Carrera and I have Ocean Blue in my kitchen. They look as good as the day they were installed (7 years ago). I've never had any issue with stains.....a couple of etch marks in the kitchen but that only adds to the character of the stone. The marble you're looking at is gorgeous! I say go for it!
  • PRO
    Rebecca Mitchell Interiors
    It is certainly gorgeous - look at Hanstone and Caesarstone for their quartz counter tops - they are making some beautiful alternatives to granite and marble. That way you can get the look but not worry about it getting damaged. Good luck from Montreal!
  • Amrita C
    Thanks for the input, everyone. I've decided to go for a dark emprador marble instead of the tobacco brown. So I AM getting my beautiful marble kitchen counters, just sturdier ones. :)

    Everyone I spoke to said that the marble in the picture is particularly fragile and is only recommended for wall cladding. Now I'm looking for a wall...