Dark marble kitchen countertop

Amrita C
17 March 2014
I'm considering a tobacco brown Italian marble countertop for my kitchen. But I'm a little worried about the care and maintenance involved in marble countertops. This is a soft marble and is beautiful to look at. Should I indulge my aesthetic sense or stick to a sturdier granite?

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    ProSource Memphis
    Take a sample home and put lemon juice on it. What you will find is that the etches on dark marble show up white. Not at all attractive. And that's why only the white marbles are truly popular for kitchen counters. They show etches much less than the dark ones.

    Possibly use it as a vertical accent somewhere in your home (NOT a shower), but I wouldn't use it on any horizontal surface. Maybe a gorgeous full height backsplash where you have no uppers on a wall....or in an entry way directly facing you as a focal point. Think of it as art, not a work surface.
  • Amrita C
    Thanks a lot for your input. I'm going to have to search for another place to install this beauty. :)
  • PRO
    Timeless Interiors is indeed beautiful, no doubt about that. But not so practical for a working surface. Love the suggestions of using it as an art accent somewhere...perhaps on a foyer wall so it's the first impressions when you walk in the door.